Come take part in our launch of PAXYMER


Paul Polymer Production, the wholly-owned subsidiary of PP Polymer, announces the launch of PAXYMER TM halogen-free flame retardants. Inventor Dr. Swaraj Paul said, ”PAXYMER represents the latest development of a new, multi-component flame retardant system that is environmentally-friendly and provides for high performance. Compared to leading technologies, our product provides higher flame retardance performance, can be used at lower quantities while preserving the mechanical properties of the underlying base polymer. We are proud to announce its entry into the marketplace of halogen-free alternatives.” pl visit   

This technology represents a new and patented halogen-free flame retardant, building on the company's prior development programs described in earlier news alerts. PAXYMER is offered as a masterbatch in polyethylene or polypropylene systems.   

The tradeshow takes place between April 4 – 7, where we will demonstrate the capabilities of PAXYMER. At Scanplast we can also discuss with you the suitability of the technology in your company's application. We welcome you to booth C05:31.