Biocompatible polymer scaffold – Vascubone


PP Polymer has contributed with development of bioresorbable polymer material for scaffolds. In the video after 1:52 – 1:55 minutes you can see how the experimental scaffold typically looks like.  
The project started 2010 and will be finished early 2015.

” This new approach in bone regeneration may have the flavour of Frankenstein’s methods, but it has a lot of advantages compared to traditional materials used in operations like hip replacements. Currently, these bone defects are mainly replaced with metal implants, which usually last only for ten to fifteen years before they are worn out. Heike Walles, bio engineer and coordinator of the European research project VascuBone , believes that her method of combining human cells with scaffolds and bone substitutes could become a routine procedure in the future and provide a perfect alternative to the current best practices”

The Vascubone project has been financed by the European Research Program FP 7.

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Vascubone video

Vascubone article